Rasmus Thomsen portrait image

Hi, I’m Rasmus and I’m an independent brand strategist and business designer. 
I deal in positioning brands through solid strategies and in turning those strategies into great identities — in partnership with great creatives. I like combining gut-feel with actual research and I believe in fast execution. That’s why, I’m often part of product teams, when they’re defining and launching new services as well.

So far, things have been good. I’ve worked for a tech giant in China, launched a digital platform in Ghana and done all kinds of different brand projects and campaigns — for big corporations and startups alike. Always as part of a team, of course.

My background is in communication and design. I’ve studied in Denmark, USA and Canada and spent four years at Designit before venturing out as a freelancer. Since 2019, I’ve partnered with creatives, clients and agencies. Together, we’re trying to work differently — with speed, creativity, tangible results and partnerships as our goal.

Enough about me. What are you up to?

I need a brand:

Let’s build something great — from scratch. Together, we’ll create a strategy and identity that sets you apart verbally & visually.

I need a rebrand:

We’ll map challenges, take a look at competition and work to reposition your brand — or just express it even clearer.

I need a new product:

It all starts with understanding the users and creating some rapid prototypes, so we can test our ideas fast.

I don’t really know yet:

Let’s talk anyway. If I can’t help you, I may know someone who can.